Powerful women



You don’t owe an apology for being a strong woman.

When your voice carries too much strength, they will ask you to lower your volume. When you speak your mind, they will find flaws in every word you say.

But understand this means something huge.

This means you are doing something right.

When they try to box you in, keep breaking through every wall they try to place in your way. When they scoff at your ambition, work even more brilliantly to show how wrong they are. When they make you feel small, grow taller until you tower over them and their ignorance.

These people will never admit it, but a powerful woman is their biggest fear.

Strong women aren’t silent. You don’t stay silent if you have a problem with something. You speak up. You tell the truth. You don’t let a man or anyone else make you feel inferior.

Strong women know who they are. You aren’t going to change yourself for anyone. You stand strong in your values & know that you believe in. You aren’t going to back down if someone has a problem with your voice. You aren’t going to let a man make you go quiet.

A powerful woman is their biggest fear. They have no idea what to do, with all your glory and grace. You represent all of their insecurities.

Keep building and evolving and burning so bright those who have hurt you will be forced to wear sunglasses. Keep being a force to reckon with.

This world need more powerful women like you.



You are practically legendary!! (Don’t give up) 


The word’s “give” & “up” should never be together. Being a part of the human race you are the most resilient & strongest beings to have ever walked on earth. As long as you are alive you have no excuse to say you can’t. If you put your mind to it. You can do anything. Believe in your dreams. If you can dream it you can do it. You are strong, you have the strength to do whatever you want & no amount of setbacks you face you have the strength to keep going. 

Everyone deserves happiness & success, including you. Don’t let these small bumps on the way take away your right. You can become the spark that was needed to light the dreams of those around you. 

Now when I see that I am 20 year’s  old & wonder what happened to that 13 year old girl (me 😆) & why did she spend so long hating herself? 

But I realize that 13 year old girl didn’t ever see herself to be 20, she didn’t thought she would make it this far, but she did, 😇 and oh God, I am so proud of her for doing so: please don’t ever give up. It may be a hard battle, but I promise it’s worth the fight for your life. You can do this. 

I owe myself so many apologies!! 

Dear self:

I’d like to apologize. I pushed you around, called you ugly, told you, you weren’t good enough, lied to you & said you were alone in the world, even though you AREN’T. I fed you disgustingly and then acted like it was your fault and not mine. I lead you around in search of things I should have been giving to you. I put you on display in ways you weren’t prepared for & expected too much from you, but didn’t give you enough credit. I treated you like crap!! I have been a horrible mommy :'(😭. But if you give me a chance, I’ll lift you out of the rubble left from the hurricane I inflicted on you. In my defense, I was so insecure. I felt wrong, like I was supposed to be something else & I was just trying to figure out what that was. Now I am realizing that what other people want me to be is a million different  irrelevant things that I need to ignore, and focus on who I want to become. My time & focus will be invested on me. Improving myself becoming a better person physically and mentally.